Welcome to Blackrock Algae

Blackrock Algae - a visionary and results oriented organization dedicated to:
  • Leveraging strategic alliances and capital resources for algae research and algae project realization

  • Connecting investors, universities, corporations, the military, and other private and governmental entities to solve complex algae endeavors

  • Orchestrating multifaceted collaborations and resolving difficult challenges across disciplines and cultures

  • Matching scientific and technological initiatives with solid business principles to achieve success

Blackrock Algae—proactively uniting our research, technical, and business capabilities with the resources needed to deliver success. We:

pointer Pursue leading edge, energy and environmentally related algae research & technology opportunities

What Algae Research Means to the DOE

pointer Identify and seek out supporting expertise including technical, business, academic and political
pointer Locate appropriate venues for algae project realization domestically and internationally
pointer Unite idea generators with investors to support algae project development
pointer Facilitate communications including reports and workshops to assist algae researchers to deliver results
pointer Manage administrative, financial and technical aspects of energy and environmentally related algae projects
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