About BlackRockWind


BlackRockWind is a commercial project aimed at markets worldwide with a need for flexible offshore wind energy solutions at a wide range of depths. Unlike other floating wind turbine solutions, BlackRockWind's offering involves the use of large scale tanker or bulk carrier hulls as turbine platforms. This enables a single platform to support multiple turbines of multiple sizes as well as a substation and a variety of other services such as liquid fuel turbines, power storage, or smolt or algae production. Each platform unit is capable of generating 10–25MW of wind power, and can be deployed at any distance from shore and at depths as shallow as 10m. There is no need for specialized service vessels during deployment or operation, thereby increasing the accessibility of the farm and significantly lowering the cost of installation, operation, and maintenance. Because the platform itself is a ship, it is easily moved around to accommodate changing needs or conditions.

BlackRock Wind Ltd. is a company established by senior personnel having previous experience from the oil and gas industry as well as ship broking and asset play. Having worked closely with renewable energy projects the team has accumulated experience and an understanding of what could make it to the market and what may for always remain good ideas. In addition, our in-house day-to-day insight in the commercial shipping market gives us a unique opportunity to offer potential clients services in developing adapted solutions. We are convinced that no other floating wind concept holds the promise of lower unit cost and shorter time to market that what you could find here.

The BlackRockWind concept is currently in the technology verification stage and we invite you to contact and possibly partner with us on our way to commercialization.

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